Toolkit: Enhance Online Learner Engagement

This interactive PDF was created for middle school teachers who switched to an online teaching environment during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve their on-the-job performance in creating student engagement in that new learning environment. This PDF was a part of an instructional design package that I created and developed for teachers.


Educational institutes had to resort to emergency remote education with little to no warning. As a teacher, during that time one of the major issues was low student engagement. Students would not turn their cameras on and some did not have functional mics. There was no way for teachers to know if the students were even there on the other side throughout the lesson. This very factor was affecting student achievement.


I conducted a needs analysis, learners and context analysis, and research. I suggested and crafted a school-wide workshop on building awareness of the relationship between student engagement and student achievement. I created an interactive PDF as part of my solution. It was used as a resource that could be referenced after the initial workshop and was an engaging and effective way to condense information into sections and deliver training about a specific tool, Pear Deck.

My Process

I used the Dick and Carey model and the ARCS model of motivation to guide my instructional design process. While working through the process, different steps of the Dick and Carey model were underpinned by multiple phases of instructional systems development including analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE).


I conducted a detailed analysis which included instructional analysis, on-the-job teachers and context analysis. While I was the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for this project, I also collaborated with other SMEs and observed teachers to identify instructional goals. I used to do the learning task analysis and identify major steps and sub-ordinate skills that teachers would require to reach the identified goal.

Learning task Mindmap

Design And Development

During this stage, I wrote performance goals and revised instructional goals through feedback. I imagined that a self-checklist would be the best form of assessment for teachers which they could refer to while on the job. I used Canva to design the layout of the PDF before developing an interactive PDF in Adobe Acrobat. I created bite-sized how-to videos using Screencast-O-Matic and Snag-it for quick video editing which I embedded in one section of the PDF for quick on-demand access.

Implementation And Evaluation

Finally, I distributed the product to SMEs and end-users. I collected one-on-one and small-group feedback on the functionality and content of the product. I made changes based on the feedback on the final product.

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